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Empowerment through Reiki Energy Classes

ReikiTransformational healing energy can become permanently sealed within you. Through a series of Attunements as given by Donna-Marie, Reiki Master. Experience complete balancing of Mind, Body, Spirit. The techniques taught have been practiced in Tibet thousands of years ago. Please contact Donna-Marie by phone (920-433-0756) or E-Mail if you are interested in Reiki Classes.

Reiki CertificationDonna Marie Levy, has been a Reiki Master for 25+ years and is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor. As a Teacher, Clairvoyant and Medium to Spirit, Donna-Marie channels messages from Spirit and the Akashic Records.

She teaches Developing Intuition, Psychic Awareness, Accredited Dr. Usui Reiki Classes (Reiki I, II and introductory to Master and Master Classes), Chakra and Energy Balancing, Reincarnation, Past Lives and discovering Inner Guidance. Upon request, she also helps people one-on-one to access their own Inner Guidance.

As a teacher, counselor and facilitator for others' self-realized God-consciousness and oneness with God, Donna teaches Self-Awareness, Self-Empowerment, Surrendering ego to the Holy Spirit, Self-Realization Meditation, the power of positive thinking and the messages of the Christ teachings.

Please know I have a kitty ... Marvelous Meko If you have any allergies to animals, please let me know before you arrive.
Bridge to the Future

Crystal Healing Workshop

Class Includes:

  • This workshop includes an attunement to the 4th Chakra “The Crystal Light of the Heart” Bridging the Energies to the Star That You Are.
  • The Purpose of This is to Increase Your Intuition and Your Guidance for Your Life Choices.
  • Experience New Techniques With Crystals to Release and Clear Energy Blocks;
  • Balance and Activate Chakras
  • Healing With Crystals Awakens Cellular Memory and Leads to Higher Consciousness When Self-Motivation is Applied

Talking to Spirit

Talking to Spirit by the Fireside

  • Learn of Many Facets of Life on the Other Side of the Veil.
  • If You Have Experienced a Loss in Your Life of Someone Crossing
  • Over, This is the Gathering for you.

As a Medium to Spirit, I Wish to Bring Peace to You About Your Loved ones, Donna Marie

Reiki 1

Introductory to Reiki I

A Journey of Healing Mind, Body, Soul.

  • Everyone Will Receive an Attunement To the Ray of Reiki Energy and Learn How to Self Heal and Balance the Aura With the Practitioners Course All Day
  • Everyone Will Give And Receive Sessions and Learn To Balance Self and Others Chakras To Ground Us To Planet Earth.
  • In Depth Course About Life & How to Apply the Heightened Energies in the Real World/li>

Reiki 1

Introductory to Reiki II

This Course is for Those Who Wish to Increase the Balance of Self and Others Emotional & Mental Energy Fields (the Aura)

  • You Will Receive Reiki Symbols to use in Sessions
  • Learn to send the Healing Energies Long Distance to Those Who Need Healing

Galactic Council

Messages from the Galactic Council

The Star Beings Will Continue to Bring Us Knowledge From the Perspective of the State of the Earth’s Energies at This Time.

What is Going on Behind the Scenes to Help Us Fully Advance into the 4th Dimension?

Past Classes

Living with the Masters

Mystical/Psychic Development

This class has been planned to help you become more aware of your own Guides and Angels. Learn to interact with Spirit and feel their guidance in your life. This class will include journeying to the Akashic Records to bring forth your mystical gifts and abilities from past lives. Donna-Marie will give everyone an individual past life reading.

Living with the Masters

The Life You Are Destined to Live

A unique way of viewing your life that will most assuredly resonate with the truth of your soul. Viewing your past and present choices. All persons attending this class are asked to please provide Donna-Marie with the day, month, year, location and (if possible) hour of their birth.

Living with the Masters

Talking to Spirit by the Fireside

What is heaven like? Messages of comfort and hope from the other side.

Living with the Masters

Messages from the Galactic Council

Teachings from the Galactic Brotherhood. These Universal Beings are of the highest Order of Oneness. They include the Pleiadian and Sirian Emissaries guiding our Earth into the Age of Light.

The old paradigms are gone. The veils around the Earth have lifted and the portals are now open for Ascension.

Learn what these "Ambassadors to Earth" wish to tell us as they speak through Donna-Marie as their channel. Individual messages are included.

Living with the Masters

Crystal Healing Sessions

This very popular class has become a tradition with a new format each year.

Living with the Masters

Living a Mystical Life - The Path of a Mystic

This was a new series begun in 2013 to help you to master the new energies and be spiritual and yet grounded at the same time. This is planned by the Ascended Ones to help you to take steps to manifest the power of love and truth and to learn to be very grounded to mother earth yet mystical in your heart.

Living with the Masters

In Search of the Sage, the Mystic and the Divine

A 3 month series about finding your intuition & learning to live by your guidance. Come to 1 class or all 3 - the choice is yours! This class includes: Sacred Time ... Sacred Space
Learning to Quiet the Mind to Meditate
Learn to Create an Energy Vortex to Spirit
Exploring Forgotten Abilities & Desires of Your Heart
Angels & Guides and Their Influence in Your Life
Opening the Third Eye for Insight
Individual Messages Given

Living with the Masters

Awakening Your Psychic Potential

Class includes:
Your intiution and dreams.
Gateways to Spirit.
Soul aspects of yourself you may have forgotten.
Meditative journey to an aspect of your soul that wants to be awakened.....receive a meaningful soul symbol.

Living with the Masters

Your Book of Life.....Journey to the Akashic Records

This class will open you up to your inner self and purposes you have forgotten.

Class includes: 
What is destiny and what is free choice?
How past lives affect us in the now.
Inspired messages of direction for your life will be given through the channel of Donna-Marie.

Living with the Masters

The Steps to Ascension - as taught by St. Germaine through the channel of Donna-Marie

Class includes:
Attracting love and harmony in your relationships.
How to be more creative, prosperous, and have more "time" for important areas of your life.
St. Germaine will guide you to work with the violet flame energies teaching you to manifest a loving healthy life style.
Come and learn the steps to living abundantly from your heart's desires thus attaining a higher consciousness of manifestation.
Receive meaningful individual messages through the channel of Donna-Marie.

Living with the Masters

Reiki Master Certification

Class includes:
Receiving new healing symbols
Learning to attune others
Working with your newly acquired energy
Receive messages from Spirit through the channel of Donna-Marie
To complete the Reiki Master training - assisting Donna-Marie with a Reiki I and Reiki II class is required. This will qualify you to teach your own Reiki classes.
Certified Dr. Usui Master Level course
Prerequisites: Reiki Level I and II and Introductory Reiki Master Level Attunement

Living with the Masters

Merlin Speaks.....of the Powers of Camelot

Class includes:
This trilogy of classes will bring to you the seemingly lost methods of the "Magic of Merlin."
All who attend these channelings will have the opportunity to take the messges from the characters of Camelot and enhance their own personal experiences in the now.
Find the powerful archetypal aspects within yourself from the messages channeled through Donna-Marie.